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     The Blue Diamond Auto Repair Center promises to deliver honest answers and a job done right the first time in a family friendly environment, so you drive away with a smile. Our qualified technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment and the best quality parts and fluids to service and repair your vehicles.

Oil Changes

     A lube, oil, iilter change is the most basic thing that vehicle owners need to have regularly done to their cars. Generally, oil changes are recommended every 3 months or 5,000Km One of the iirst things Blue Diamond Auto Repair Center does during an oil change is look around the engine, transmission and drive train for any sign of leaking fluid. If we do discover a leak, We diagnose what is leaking, where it is leaking from and why. We then assess how crucial the leak is. Next, we check your tires for even Wear to make sure the vehicles steering and suspensions systems are in proper working order. We then check the brakes and assess whether or not the brakes are in need of repair or replacement. After making sure everything underneath the vehicle looks to be in proper working order, We move to the top of the engine and check belts, hoses and other important lines. After the inspection, we top off your vehicleবuid, add new oil and replace the oil filter. We then start your car to make sure all of your gauges are Working properly. Our goal in life is to help you take care of your car! Blue Diamond Auto Repair Center has a full service for all steering systems and suspension. During your regular oil change, We thoroughly inspect the suspension and will bring to light any issues We may find.

Vehicle Care and Maintenance

     Because driving habits differ from one person to the next, Blue Diamond Auto Repair Center does not send out reminders to schedule your vehicle's maintenance. After each oil change, we do record a recommended mileage for your next oil change and place a sticker on your car's Windshield.


     Brakes have a tendency to develop a pulsating feel or even to squeak. These symptoms don't always mean that there is something wrong or that your brakes need repair or replacing. It could mean that your brakes just need some cleaning or maintenance. Vehicles We Work on Blue Diamond Auto Repair Center's full service break inspection always us to diagnose the problem first before repairing or replacing brake. We make sure that complete brake replacement is something the customer actually needs. If complete repair is not the issue, we will be more than happy to clean or maintain your brakes as well.
Blue Diamond Auto Repair Center Services includes:
Replacing brakes pads
Turning Rotors
Checking calipers to make sure they are reusable
Cleaning parts such as calipers and pistons

Drive Train & Transmission

     Drive train and transmission fixes generally depend on the age of the vehicle. Older molder vehicles usually consist of a differential or rear end if it is a rear wheel drive car. These types of cars have many components such as axles, bearings and a gear box that the drive line is connected to. These types of drive trains rarely have problems. When they do, it is usually noise around the rear end o the vehicle or a leak out of the axle. Front wheel drive vehicles are different. These types of vehicles have axles with constant velocity joints on both ends. These joints are sealed in a rubber boot filled with grease. These boots can easily tear use t all the moving joints located inside. The transmission on front wheel drive vehicles is a part of the drive train and cannot be serviced separately. We know all there is to know about the different types of drive trains and transmission and can provide you with excellent repair and service!

Steering & Suspension

     Blue Diamond Auto Repair Center checks all the steering and suspension components anytime we do a lube, oil and filter service. Steering problems are generally associated with clunking or banging sounds when the vehicle is turning or going over bumps. Some symptoms of steering & suspensions problems are: Blue Diamond Auto Repair Center has a full service for all steering systems and suspension. During your regular oil change, we thoroughly inspect the suspension and will bring to light any issues We may Hnd.
Banging or clunking noise when turning
Uneven Wear on tires
Turning the steering Wheel produces groaning or squealing sounds

Fuel Systems

     Fuel systems in todayඥhicles are fairly simple. A fuel pump is located inside of the vehicles gas tank and pumps the fuel to the fuel injectors. The computer then pulses the injectors which then in turn propels your vehicle forward. Blue Diamond Auto Repair Center does hill service on fuel systems. This service includes: Many cars never have a problem with their market instrument panel or gauges. The gauges in vehicles are there to notify the driver of many different things such as speed, fuel level, oil pressure and more. Anytime you see a gauge with an extremely high or low reading, it is usually associated with a red light and requires immediate service.
Cleaning injectors
Cleaning or replacing fuel pump
Flushing fuel lines
Intake system cleansing
Instrument Panel & Gauges

Electrical Systems

     We have extensive experience in all vehicle electrical systems. Cars have tons of electronic components. These range from lights to switches to sensors. Blue Diamond Auto Repair Center has the tools and wiring schematics on almost all makes and models.

Comfort Systems

     Blue Diamond Auto Repair Center can service both your heating and air conditioning systems. We understand that with newer car models, heating and cooling systems tend to be more complicated and complex. The more sophisticated systems are controlled by body control module, or small computer. For these newer systems, a special tool is needed to diagnose certain problems. Blue Diamond Auto Repair Center has the most up to date scan tool that is available to repair.After we diagnose the problem within your heating or cooling system, we will work hard to repair the system. Fixes can be anything from filter changes to charging or recharging your air conditioning.
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